About me

I'm an enthusiastic young guy, who is passionate about programming. Love to create working stuff, and I want to be proud of what I'm making. That's the cause of I'm precise and I'm always pay attention to solve problems with the best solutions. I love to learn new things and I love hard challenges.










React Native

  • September of 2019

    At this company, I'm working on a software called LearningSpace. I met a lot of technology there (like jQuery, Loopback, CoffeeScript, Express.js with Typescript) but now I'm using Angular at the front-end and Perl at the back-end on a daily bases. I've got some experience in using Linux server for developing and running web applications. I had the chance to try developing new features and bug fixing in legacy systems.

  • December of 2018

    At that time I started to learn and develop back-end side applications. The applications that are created or contributed by me:

    • A front-end heavy applicationthat has a customizable dashboard that shows data from a 3rd party API. Built with React and some 3rd party libraries and heavily tested with Jest.

    • An API that was using Firebase Authentication, Database, and Functions to manage PayPal subscriptions. This app used Express.js and was tested with Mocha and Chai.

    • A javascript CLI tool that connected an offline windows application with Shoprenter API

    • A javascript CLI tool that connected an offline windows application with the National Tax and Customs Administration's online invoice system

  • May of 2018

    I'm started to work on a new project in a small team. This was my first project, which is written with React and Redux. The web app was never released but we created an MVP - the front-end side all by myself with a little help - and I learned a lot about software and web development.